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  • June 5, 2013


I’ve just thought that it is the best time to summarize the semester (that will be easy to write, but that was hard to deal with it). Then, I would like to share some thoughts/feelings with you.

Starting from mid March and April, I passed the weeks with at least two assignments (I was taking 3 courses). Depending on the week, there were also lovely midterms (yes, I get used to love them =), PhD effects). At the beginning of May, I had finals and projects. In general, I totally enjoyed with my courses. I will talk more about some interesting points which I learned at courses at the following posts. Starting from second week of May, I entered my qualifier exam (It took two and a half week)! I know that should be a completely new post, but now I am waiting for the results. I hope, I will hear good news. Then, I will write more about what the qual period looks like (dos and dont’s).

Since May 28, I have been trying to watch and most probably many of you might hear the news from Turkey. There are thousands of people standing at major location of their cities to support the people at Gezi Park. Whatever their main motivation for standing (either just support to nature, protest the government or just experience to support other people), I am following the news and watching the videos from them. I can say that I couldn’t expect that kind of attitude from people standing there. I can’t believe that people are standing to clean the streets that they yield to turn dirty. They built a symbolic library with the stones (which could be used for provocative actions) and many small but significant, peaceful actions. But also, I couldn’t imagine how terrible the reaction of the policemen to the people. I won’t write about more, please just check the images of Gezi Park, they will tell everything. There are many interpretations of this resistance. However, I can say one thing that the people standing at Gezi Park (and also many locations at another cities) don’t deserve to face with the ‘overreaction’ of the police. I am so sad that more than thousands of people were injured during the attacks of policemen. These injuries may not sound so vital, but some of them lost their eyes and some of them will carry the scar of the gas bomb on their faces forever. I even don’t mention about the wounds (both psychologically and physically). On Jun 3, officially announced that one person was died during these events. Did he really have to die?

I hope, we won’t hear any bad news from now on. I don’t want to hear or see any news, photo or video that people are in pain. I wish not only in Turkey, but also anywhere in the world, people are standing for the peace and good.

The photo by Clyde Robinson

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