First Week of the Classes

  • Posted:
  • January 20, 2013

Lehigh_University_Packard_LabAfter 3 weeks of break, we started our new semester at Lehigh University this week. I felt that many students in the campus share the same excitement. Some of them have already covered how the lectures will be tough and some of them were just chatting about their holiday with their friends. One of the best things being a PhD student is feeling both student and academic at the same time.

This semester, I will take 3 courses. I entered all courses and seems like new areas are waiting to be investigated. In algorithms course, professor briefly mentioned about quantum computers and said that he will talk about more during the semester. Since I was curious about quantum physics and new perspectives at physics, I wanted to learn more about quantum computers. After a 15 minutes search, I learnt a very new perspective at computer science. For interested readers, as a quick start you may read this link.  I hope in near future, I would like to see what happens to the solution time of NP complete problems =)

I wish a nice semester for all professors and students and have a nice weekend. Hope to learn new things that inspire our studies.

P.S.: My 2 courses are at Packard Lab that you see in the picture =)

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