Long Time No See

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  • March 7, 2013

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Even if I started to write 3 months ago, this is the third post. While I was motivating myself about writing, I always thought that I could have time to write at least 3 sentences per week. However, my theory didn’t work in practice.

At last, as of today, I wanted to write about my experience. Until today, I read many articles from OR/MS journals from my computer or printout of them. I mean I have never read an article from its printed journal. But today, I had that chance. For the following days, I need to read and understand an article which is published in Management Science and today my professor borrowed me the journal. When I arrived home, I started to read impatiently. In first minutes, I hesitated if I understood the sentences or not, because I could easily read it. In general, I count reading an article as a meditation because I need to focus on an article and think nothing else. However this time, I didn’t need that level of concentration. I read it easily. I felt as if reading a common journal sold at bookstores. There could be many reasons for that, for sure, but feeling the journal in my hands make me feel relaxed. One suggestion for people who are struggling with reading articles: if it is possible find the printed version of that  journal instead of printed article on A4 or trying to read it from your digital devices.

I wish you all a great week. Hope to meet soon (hope less than 3 months) =)

P.S.: The picture that you see on this post is 100% drawn by me! Yes, I started to draw something on computer, but it is much more difficult than drawing on a paper for me. I just wanted to motivate myself to draw more and share with you some funny, simply drew things with you.

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