New Semester, Fall2013

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  • September 16, 2013

I would like to start this post with good wishes to everyone. I wish for all of us have a great semester/season in our lives. Even if we hear unwilling news from everywhere around the world, we need to keep our hopes alive and strong. I wish for all people who face with problems patience and power to balance their lives.

I wasn’t planning to write this post with this way, but it has just happened. Let’s turn what is going on so far. During this summer, I was an intern at AirProducts in Air Separation Technology department for almost 3 months. That internship was a part of the project that I am also in. This experience was very helpful to improve my coding skills, because at the beginning of the internship, I was a beginner MATLAB user that I have only used it while doing my homework. When it comes to use as a part of the big project i.e. the project is based on MATLAB, that was very challenging for me to overcome with that. Right now, I feel myself much more confident and ready to code the stuff. Thanks to the our group (I am lucky to ask questions to advanced MATLAB users and get feedback from them) at department. Still I am going to Air Products for the new stages of the project.

This semester while I am continuing the project, I am taking two courses which are Nonlinear Optimization and Service Systems Engineering. We have started to learn different topics with different perspectives and as expected there are also “good” assignments waiting to be done for this week.  3 days ago, there was an election for the INFORMS Student Chapter and I would like to be part of this chapter as Secretary because I would like to be part of organizing as much social activities as possible during this year. And as a result, I am Secretary for this year. This week I will organize the first coffee hour of this semester for our first speaker in our department seminar.

Now I need to prepare a presentation about the project tomorrow. Have a great week!

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