Thanks Edna Andrade

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  • March 9, 2014

Presentation1OR/MS related illustrations are looking very aesthetic to me.  For example, when I see a figure that shows how an algorithm performs in optimization problem or machine learning technique that shatters two different objects, I am very exited to understand everything from these figures. (Yes, I am a visual learner 🙂 ).

To be honest, I wasn’t sure how to share my thoughts about this topic. I don’t want to say everything is art. I also know that mostly the figures are drawn by computer programs, but they are looking to me like a piece of art. Thanks to Edna Andrade, she motivated me to share my thoughts with her beautiful art. When I first saw her drawings (3 days ago), it was the moment that I will never forget in my life. Those drawings were looking very close to my regularly seen figures. You can check the link for some of her drawings.

I was knowing that a problem from very different areas could be solved by OR/MS tools, yet I couldn’t guess that this field could also be in a part of the art. Rest in Peace Edna Andrade.

P.S. I am very curious about what we will say to the paintings which will be made by AI: will it be the part of art?

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Sertalp Cay

2014-07-19 06:21:18 Reply

As a visual learner, if you are able to transform an algorithm into a drawing easily, that’d be very useful. People get those things more quickly compared to traditional methods. It is one of the reason why professors are switching to presentation-based lectures. (Well, if you have only text on those presentations, that would be worse)
I hope to see your drawings also in here!

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